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Exactly What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a medical discipline that focuses on neural, muscular, skeletal, and soft tissue treatment. Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive alternative to traditional medicine for acute or chronic pain, sports medicine, physical therapy, and a host of other medical ailments that traditionally defaulted to surgery or pharmaceutical treatment. ┬áVisit a chiropractor in your home town for the most thorough muscle and joint examination you have ever undergone. A Chiropractor’s job is to check for full range of motion, diagnose joint mobility and treat spinal misalignment and soft tissue damage preventing that mobility. Whether a car accident is causing chronic joint pain, repetitive motion at work is aggravating a joint injury, or an old sports injury is flaring up and causing pain and stiffness, Chiropractors are highly skilled professionals dedicated to resolving these medical issues. Through physical adjustment, muscular massage and stimulation, and soft tissue manipulation, Chiropractors specialize in non-invasive treatments to some of the most commonly experienced medical ailments. For more information on the field of Chiropractic as a whole, visit the American Chiropractic Association.

Leave Back Pain Behind

Chiropractic care is more than a quick evaluation, an adjustment and a wave goodbye. A good chiropractor doesn’t just ask what hurts, a good chiropractor tests for range of motion, prior injuries, regular activities, physical goals and anything that merits attention that a typical MD would never pay. The real difference between quality chiropractic care and the typical grind at a hospital is that a chiropractor cares more about your long term well being than most practitioners that can maximize patient visits through the magic of chemistry. While there is a time and place for anti-inflammatories and other pain killing drugs, proper care does not deaden and temporarily relieve back, neck or joint pain, it stops it altogether. Every peripheral-nervous system action of the body is controlled by the spinal cord and when a disk or vertebrate is out of alignment and putting abnormal pressure on the spinal cord, normal bodily function is harmed. Ever notice that some back ache causes shooting pain down your extremities? That’s because pain reception is a direct response from the spinal cord. The root of all evil is sometimes joked about as being caused by spino-sacral misalignment. Where traditional medicine would tell you that invasive surgery or prolonged pharmaceuticals are the only solution to chronic pain, chiropractic responds┬áthat alternative answers exist. At the forefront of non-invasive medical care, chiropractic is the solution to many of the soft tissue injuries that patients suffer in day to day life. Something as simple as sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause scar tissue build up with a host of symptoms that follow. A single chiropractic treatment can make all the difference in the world to patients who suffer chronic stiffness and neck pain. Don’t let your life be restricted by pain. Let a Chiropractor help one facet at a time.


Research Backed Holistic Medical Treatment

When considering your medical care options, most injured patients first turn to primary care physicians for soft tissue, joint, or musculoskeletal treatment. While 42.7% of injured workers who first visited a surgeon ended up getting surgery, only 1.5% who first visited a chiropractor went through with surgery (Keeney et all 2012). Simply exploring alternatives is the best way to prevent costly and invasive medical treatments that leave scars and force unnecessary risk. Our generation is one of the most heavily medicated in history and we have the doctors bills and medical debt to prove it. The cost associated with chiropractic care for both preventative and rehabilitative treatment is substantially lower than its traditional counterparts. Additionally, chiropractic treatment offers direct access to a healthcare professional that is trained in identifying and treating acute and chronic pain without expensive drug prescriptions. In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a test group that was given manual treatment through chiropractic adjustment missed fewer days and required fewer repeat visits to the doctor than groups who were given traditional treatment methods. In short, chiropractic can keep you out of the operating room and back on your feet doing what you love.


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